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    [STANDARD] WU KONG – Yang Jian 悟空专 - 杨戬
    [3Z0081 (Stan]

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    WU KONG – Yang Jian
    悟空专 - 杨戬

    PO CLOSE 20 NOV 2017

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    Product Description:

    1/6th scale Yang Jian collectible details:
    - 12 inches (~30.5 cm) tall, fully-articulated figure featuring tailored clothing and armor outfit made with finely detailed textures.

    Collectible figure features following elements of clothing and accessories:
    - Vest armor
    - One pair of armored sleeves
    - Interior robe
    - Embroidered exterior robe
    - Long pleated skirt
    - Belt
    - Pants
    - Asymmetrical apron
    - Fabric shoes

    - Weapon:
    - Three-pointed double-edged polearm

    - Exchangeable hands:
    - One pair of fist
    - One pair of relaxed hands
    - One pair of gripping hands