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    Price:  $380.00

    DEADPOOL 1/6 Scale Diorama SOLD OUT !

    ☆☆☆ DEADPOOL figure and weapons ARE NOT INCLUDED ☆☆☆

    THE LITTLEBOX is the official distributor for RED DIROAMA Our lounge diorama featuring 2 flexible sides, we like to call one side "the unicorn time" and the other "Maximum effort time"!

    ☆ 2 SCENES are back-to-back

    Deposit 50%
    Estimate Arrival : Q3, Q4 2016

    Deadpool diorama measurement: L30 W33 H48

    This diorama comes with the following accessories:
    1. Leather Sofa - Hand stitched to perfection
    2. Small tall boy with 2 drawers
    3. Reading lamp - lights up with realistic plug to the wall
    4. Sexy Magazines unfolded centrefold style
    5. Tissue paper
    6. Picture frame with cracked glasses to enhance the mood
    7. Posters x 5
    8. Unicorn
    9. TWO closed reading book
    10. 2 chinese takeaway box

    **figure and weapons are not included