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    The Gladiator School of Pompeii SET 2

    Price:   $100.00 $199.00

    The Gladiator School of Pompeii SET 2

    What's in the box?
    Limited worldwide release of 400 sets.

    Take your Gladiator Figure and make him into a Myrmillo, Thraex or Hoplomachus.

    This set has all the weapons, armor, and accessories to do it!

    Comes with:
    - 3 head sculpts (2 head sculpts are re-releases of Kaustic Plastik's first head sculpts)
    - KP03 Athletik Muscle Body
    - Thraex (Hoplomachus helmet) (die-cast)
    - Myrmillo helmet (die-cast)
    - Subligaculum (loin cloth)
    - Leather balteus (belt)
    - 2 arm padding
    - Padded arm manica x2
    - Leather arm manica (right arm)
    - Leg (shin padding) - Leg long greaves (armor) (die-cast) x2 - Leg greave (armor myrmillo version) (die-cast)
    - Long lance (die-cast)
    - Gladius (sword) (die-cast)
    - Sica (curved sword) (die-cast)
    - Dagger (die-cast)
    - Large scutum (shield)
    - Medium scutum (shield)
    - Small parmula (rounded shield) (die-cast)