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    Combat Diver Set

    Price:  $95.00

    TOYSCITY 1/6 Combat Diver Set

    1.Diving Suit*1
    2.Diving Shoes*1
    3.Diving Gloves*1
    4.Force-Fin *1
    5.LAR Rebreather*1
    6.LAR Life Preserver*1
    7.Diving Weight Belt*1
    8.Military Diver Navigation Broad*1
    9.Diving Compass*1
    10.Diving Depth Gauge*1
    11.Q-OPS Waterproof Headset*1
    12.Q-OPS PTT*1
    13.OTS Underwater Radio*1
    14.Diving Combat Lanyard*1
    15.Diving Goggle*1
    16.Combat Diving Knife *1

    Please Note: Head and action figure are not included.