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    Dark Blood Blood Mage

    Price:  $379.00

    DARK CROWN TOYS - DARK BLOOD - Dark Blood Blood Mage 1/6 Scale Figure

    Blood Mage is the 4th figure released in the Dark Blood series, and original designed line of figures by Dark Crown Toys. Blood Mage features a full articulated action figure body with newly developed vampire body parts as well as an original vampire head sculpt.

    Also included with the Blood Mage is a wide selection of accessories including a 1/6 scale fully articulated bat and a coffin used as a resting sanctuary.

    The “BLOOD MAGE” Figure Features:
    1/6 Highly detailed original Vampire headsculpt
    All new developed vampire body parts
    Full articulated action figure body
    6 interchangeable hands
    (2 x Sleeper hands, 2 x Weapon holding hands, 2 x Mage hands)

    Black Mage's Rope
    Blood Mage's Armor
    Black Pants
    Belt of “Blood lust”
    Blood Mage's boots

    Staff of “Bloodstone”
    Dagger of “Taboo”

    Partial face mask (for scar concealment)
    “Bloodstone” necklace
    “Darkblood ruins” collar
    “Darkblood ruins” Bracelet
    “Darkblood ruins” Gauntlet
    “Darkblood” Relic : Eye of Hibernation
    “Darkblood” Relic : Devil's Cube
    “Darkblood” Relic : Seal of Source

    BAT (Fully articulated)
    Gigantic 1/6 scale Coffin, resting sanctuary of the Blood Mage (36cm x 19.5cm)